Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quinton Oliver Wall

Sorry this is so late, but on September 20th 2011 @ 6.36 pm Quinton was born. He lived for 27 wonderful minutes where he sneezed a lot ( apparently just like me:) and when hank held him near my face he tried to move up against me! and even opened his eyes a little! It was so special!

The Labour and delivery went really well, From when the nurses said I was actually in labour to when I had Quinton was just over 2 hours! there were no complications and I didn't need any pain meds (other than the gas mask) so I felt great after! We held him and loved him until he went to be with Jesus and older brother Noah in Heaven. It was wonderful and horrible all at the same time, wonderful we got to see him alive, horrible that we had to give him up.

We had the Funeral/Memorial for him on Sunday the 25th and It was so nice, we were so thankful to everyone that supported us by being there and those that supported us in prayer! we had a balloon release after we closed his grave which was beautiful. we had 100 blue balloons with butterflies attached for Noah and the same thing but green balloons for Quinton. What was really cool is that the balloons headed north but someone commented on my moms blog that they found one of Noah's and Quintons balloons side by side in a field down in the states! I was so happy to hear that! I will try to post pics soon!


Verna said...

This was the message left on my blog by the couple that foung the baloons.

Dear Jolene, Hank and families,
My husband, Dean, is a rural mail carrier and for a couple of days he saw this blue thing in a field a couple of miles from town. We live in Munich ND. Finally today he walked out to see what it was. The green balloon was pretty much shredded, but the blue one still had air in it. We are so sorry to hear of the loss of your boys. We googled your boys names and this site came up. Both my husband and I read your story and were in disbelief how much sadness you have had to go through. Know that you are in our prayers and that your little boys are angels up in heaven with Jesus. Have you read or heard of the book "Heaven is for Real"? It is about a little boy that died on the operating table for a short time and a year or so later started talking about his visit to heaven. It is very good and may give you some peace. Have fun with little Zander - he is such a cutie! Our prayers are with you.

Verna said...

Thank you Jolene and Hank for allowing me the most awesome privilege of being there when Quinton was born. You did amzing Jo, still don't know how you can give birth with such grace and strength knowing that your baby will not live. God's power is so evidents in your life. What a joy it was to see Quinton's arms and legs moving when he was first born! "He's alive Jo!!!"
Thank you Jesus for the 27 minutes and for a lifetime of memories made in such a short time!