Sunday, September 28, 2008

Aug 29/2008 Another appointment in the city

Mom and i went to smitties for breakfast this morning and then went to pick up Hank. We arrived for our appointment just in time! this time we only had to wait for half and hour intead of 2 hours! We had a different lady do our ultrasound today and she was really, really nice! We asked her if we would be able to get some pictures because we weren't able to get any from winkler and she said that wouldn't be a problem. In the end we got about 10 pictures!

With this ultrasound she was able to see more than they did last time. We saw that Noah has 6 little toes on each foot, and when she measured the kidneys she said that they were the size of a 31 week baby(I was 26 weeks at the time) so the stomach is bigger. She also noticed that Noah Has clubbed feet and she said that because of the stomach being bigger and not very much amnio fluid he is a bit squished in there so that is what caused that. ( There is not very much fluid because his kidneys are not working so he is not swallowing it as he should and then also not producing it.) They looked at the heart again, and the heart is still perfect! we saw his little fists and she counted his fingers and from what she could tell there were a normal 5 there!

When she got to the head she couldn't see very well because just like last time he is all snuggled up in the placenta. but she did find that there was a sack on the back of the head and she thinks that is where the brain is, and she also found that there was a covering on top of the head so it won't be open like they first thought. We couldn't believe how much had changed. Oh and at first when she had put the wand on my stomach she pulled it off and asked us if we knew what we were having. We told her yes and then she showed us why she pulled it off. Apparently our little man like to show off his stuff!

Dr Reed came in and also checked out the ultrasound . Then the geneticist came in and told us that they know excactly what is wrong with Noah and it is not anencephaly. He said that the extra toes and the polycistic kidneys and the brain in the pouch on the back of the head ment ne thing. Our little boy has Meckel Gruber. That was quite a shock for us becuse when he told us the chromesomes were fine we though that ment no meckel gruber. And meckel gruber is genetic so hank and i each had the gene. (out of 40,000 genes) wow. that also means that everytime that we get pregnant we have a 1-4 chance of it happening again. they asked us again if we were related because it is so rare for 2 people to have the same gene and again we told them no. That was so depressing to hear.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The day after our ultrasound Hank stayed home from work with me. We didn't really know what to do, we just didn't have the energy. We got a call from winnipeg Health Science at 3 that day telling us that we had an appointment for 1030am tomorrow with the specialist. We couldn't believe how fast that was!

Aug 1/2008- Today we are on our way to the city to find out some more info. We decided that we wanted to know the sex of our baby so we were going to ask them if they would do that for us. We waited in the waiting room for 2 hours before finally getting called in. We had a 45 min ultrasound with the tech, and then Dr Reed came in. At this ultrasound he actually showed us our baby we could watch the whole time on the screen!( in winkler you just lie there looking at the back of the moniter). We asked him if he could tell us if we were having a boy or girl and he said that he would try but the baby wasn't cooperating. He showed us the babys heart, the kidneys the legs and arms, they couldn't get a good look at the head though because the baby was squished into the placenta. But we saw the ear and mouth opening and closing! Then all of a sudden he said "oh i know what you are having" the baby had just spread its legs and we got a really close view! we are having a boy! the name we decided on was Noah Gabriel.

He then took us into his office and said they think that it is Anencephaly but there is a chance because of the kidneys that it might be something called Meckel Gruber. He showed us some textbook pictures and they were pretty scary! but we really didn't think that, that was what it was. He then asked us if we were wanting to "induce" the labour or if we were wanting to carry till full term. Inducing was a really polite word for what they were meaning! but we told them that we were carrying till full term.

We were then sent to the Geneticist and he asked us so many questions! one of them was if we were related! lol. But i guess they have to ask that cause some people are. he explaind to us an amniocentesis and that they would test the babys chromesomes to see if they were ok. but there was a 1 in 200 chance that might cause a miscarrage but we decided that we would do it. That was one of the scariest things i have ever had done to me! but i made it through lol. Once we were done that we were finally able to go home at 4:00.

I got a phone call from the geneticist at work 2 weeks later! when i heard it was him on the phone i was soo scared! but he told us that the babys chromesomes were normal, so that is one thing that we do not have to worry about!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby News

This is a recap since i only started blogging now.

April 8, 2008 Hank and I found out that we were going to have a baby! We were very excited. We waited till I was 10 weeks before we told anyone, that was the longest 6 weeks of my life. ( I am not very good at keeping secrets!) Everyone was excited, it was the first grandchild on my side of the family and the second on Hanks side.

I have been having a great pregnancy so far, haven't been sick or anything else, so i don't know why i had a nagging feeling at my Drs appointment. I asked my Dr if everything was going ok and she said that from all the tests and stuff that she had done everything was fine. I went home still feeling uneasy, I even asked my friends if they felt this way right before their ultrasound so i could feel a bit better about it.

July 30/2008 Ultrasound!

Today we are going to see our baby, and i am still feeling uneasy. I even was telling Hank that if there was something wrong at least i knew that i did everything i was suppposed to do to have a healthy pregnancy.

We get to the Hospital and the lady takes me in. ( In our hospital only the mom goes in till the tech is done their stuff.) We made small talk and i had asked her if there was any problems if our Dr would let us know, she said yes they would call. After a while she told me to go empty my bladder cause it was to full and she couldn't see the baby properly. (later on i remembered that i had asked her if my bladder was a good size cause i only drank the water 1/2 hour before i came instead of 1 1/2 hours. and she said that my bladder was the perfect size!) I go to the bathroom and come back into the room and she is not there. So i take a look at the computer screen so i could see my baby, but i had no idea what was what on there!

She comes back into the room ( and grabs some kleenex, i didn't think anything of it.) with a Dr and he said he was going to take a look, buy that time i am so nervous i just know that something is wrong! He askes me a few questions and then looks at me and says " There is something very wrong with your baby, let me go and get your husband." As he says that the nurse hands me the kleenex since i was crying so hard. They asked me what my husbands name was and i could hardly spit it out! On his way back with Hank he tells him that there is something wrong with the babys brain. ( i guess he wanted to warn him a bit cause to walk into a room with me crying would be a bit of a shock). Hank walks in with the Dr and takes my hand, as the Dr tells us that our babys brain didn't develope at all from what they could tell. The skull was missing from the eyebrows up, and our babys kidneys were also enlarged. He told us that it was called Anencephaly and our baby was not compatible with life. The Lady took us through a back door so that we didn't have to walk through all the waiting rooms.

I had to call my work and tell them I would not come in for the next couple of days, cause i was planning to go back after the ultrasound. After that i called my mom at work, and as soon as i heard her on the phone i started to cry harder, i tried to tell her that there was something wrong with the baby and she was supposed to come home. She tells me "Vikki calm down i can't understand you". (my sister when she is sad or excited sounds like i did i guess!) I told her that it was me and explained everything again.

We get to my mom and dads house and i go into the house, my dad was standing there and i ran up to him huged him and started to cry again. He finally askes me what is wrong ( mom hadn't told him yet) I felt bad cause he had no idea what was going on! He said his mind was going miles a min trying to figure it out. Meanwhile mom had a hard time coming home cause she forgot she didn't have a vehical and couldn't get ahold of anyone, so she started to walk till someone from work saw her walking and picked her up. It was a very emotional day for everybody! we spent most of the evening at my parents house then went to Hanks parents for a bit. It still just feels like a dream!