Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby #2!

I just wanted to let everyone know that Hank and I are expecting our second baby! Baby #2 is due February 12/2010! We are very excited and yet very nervous. Our first Drs app is at 13 weeks and from there we get our first ultrasound at 16 weeks! I am actually going for blood test on wed the 24th to check some kind of levels since I had a bit of spotting last sunday so please pray that everything will be fine!

We had gone to our nephews 1st bithday party and Hank had a really hard time being there, he said he just couldn't stop thinking about Noah and he should be there and how we should be able to have a 1st birthday party for him as well! He then told me that he wanted another baby very badly, so when I found out I was pregnant I could not wait to tell him! The morning I took the test I wrote on a fathers day card and signed it from Jolene, Noah and Baby Wall. It also had a bib in there that said I love my daddy. At first when he saw the bib he just thought that it was supposed to be from Noah, but then I guess he figured it out when he read baby Wall! He was super excited, that was fun.

My sister Victoria had come over in the evening that day and we hadn't put away the card yet, so as we were cleaning I looked over and saw her reading Hanks fathers day card! little snooper! so she found out that way lol.

It was really fun telling our parents! For my parents we did it on our fathers day gathering. (for Noah we did it on mothers day). My sister was in on it since she had already found out and she gave dad her present and card saying it was from the both of us even though it was not. And then I had just asked her where did we hid dads other gift? and she at first didn't follow along but then she got it and she had said I think we put it in the oven! so we made everyone come to the oven and dad opened it to find: a bun in the oven with pink and blue ribbins on it. Mom right aways sreams is there a bun in the oven???? while flaling her arms lol. Meanwhile my dad is still just staring at the bun not getting it prob thinking that duh there is a bun in the oven! My mom comes to me and rubs my tummy and said to him again.. there is a bun in the oven! then he finally got it and all the hugs started!

We then went to A&W picked up a grandpa burger . Hank had just called his mom to say that we needed to talk to them and it was very important (he made it sound like something bad!) then we went over there and started to talk to them and hank said I guess there is no way but to show you, then he held out the grandpa burger and they were all excited but I bet half of that was relif for it not being something bad! So that evening was really tiring! but lots of fun! Once I have the pictures I will add them to this post!