Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We are having a ......?

So at our last ultrasound Hank and I decided to find out if we were going to be blessed with a boy or girl (If the baby cooperated:) ). It turns out that our baby was VERY anxious for us to find out! We decided that for the time being we would just keep it to ourselves and enjoy knowing. It was kind of fun not telling anyone! My sister called me at 12am and whined " you have to tell me I am your only sister!" and I also heard some "Don't you want us to start buying you presents?" yeah it was fun!

A little while ago Hank and I decided that it was time to finally let everyone know. We decided to play a game with them and we wrote out a saying that did not full out say Boy or Girl but changed it up a bit to be a bit harder. After we wrote out the saying we gave them just a sheet with blanks ( ----/---/----/--/---/---/---/-------/etc) and every day they could choose 1 letter of the alphabet and we would tell them where all on the paragraph that letter would go. We figured that would be fun! My family figured it out only using 5 letters! Hanks sister and brother in law got it with 7 letters and Hanks other sister and brother in law had all but 3 of the letters!

This was our saying:
When you come to see our new family, you will find yourself holding a beautiful baby dressed in sapphire!

And everyone was stuck on the sapphire because they all thought that it was spelt with only one "P". So as you all know now we are having another baby boy! we are so excited! I think it was only 4 minutes after we gave my mom the 5th letter she calls back to read us what she got, I was shocked! I never expected any one to get it in 5 letters! Crazy...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Sorry it has been way to long since I have posted I have had a couple people tell me to get my butt in gear! So here it is...

Our first ultrasound was July 29th I was 11 weeks and 6 days, We asked my dad to come with us because my mom and sister had been to Noahs and he never could cause he had to work. (this was the week of his holidays). I was very nervous because of the 25% chance that this would happen again, but tried to keep positive and just kept praying. We get there and we find out that we got the same Ultrasound Tech as last time! We were so happy she is just so nice! The reason they gave us a ultrasound at around 12 weeks was so they could do a Nuchal Translucency scan which measures the liquid that is in the back of the neck at this stage. Too much and it is a bad thing.

As I lay there on the bed I just wonder if there is even a baby in there! and so many other thoughts were running through my head. As soon and she put the wand on my tummy we saw the most beautiful baby with such a beautiful head! (It was very hard for us to see Noahs face and stuff on his ultrasounds). But she wasn't saying anything so we were getting nervous. Finally she said that first of all I was only 10 weeks and 6 days so they changed my due date from Feb 12 to Feb 17th, second of all she said becuase the baby isn't the right size for the test we would have to come back in 2 weeks. but she looked at the head and said that at this point she wasn;t suspicious of anything! We were so happy! and she gave us some pictures which I will add once I get them onto a cd!

Our second Ultrasound on Aug 11th my sister came with, today they would actually do the test, I was not as nervous for this one because of the hope they had givin us the time before. We see the baby on the screen nice round head! and boy the difference of the baby in just 2 weeks is amazing! she did the measurements and told us that it was well within the normal range! and the head looked completely normal! She also got to see a hand and found only 4 fingers and a thumb! Noah had 6 fingers and a thumb. So that was another good sign! she than put a different wand on and we got to see the baby in 3D! That was so neat! the baby is soooo cute and it was a bit lumpy lol. So when she was done she walks to us with the pictures that she printed and she had givin us so much they were dragging on the floor!

Today September 8 we went in for our final test, they are going to look at the kidneys. Again I felt fine as we were driving in but as soon as we had to wait for a bit I started to get really nervous and even when I was lying on the bed my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking. Hank held them down for me! she takes a look at the baby for a few seconds does some measuring which felt like a very long time! and says the kidneys look fine you can relax! she finished all the measuring and checking showing us everything and the baby was anxious to show us what he or she was! so we did find out what we are having we are keeping it just between Hank and I for a little while and then we are telling people! This baby was just in the weirdest positions so cute! She also gave us the results of the AFP blood test and she said that everything that it tests for was perfect! We are so happy the Lord is so wonderful! the dr came in this time just so they could see and that made me nervous cause she took a long time looking! but she said to me its all normal I am just looking! Once we got out of there It had been an hour! I called my mom to tell her the good news and she had said she was getting nervous already with how long it was taking since the other 2 were just 15 min.

One thing with this pregnancy I have been thinking about Noah so much especially since this one is healthy I miss him so much more becuase now I will know exactly what We were missing out on buying the baby stuff, acutally setting things up having a baby to take home in the end. On the 12th it will be 9 months since he was born, in some ways that feels like such a long time ago and that time flys, but in others it feels like yesterday when i had let someone I didn't know take him out of my arms and walk out of the hospital with MY son in a box, taking him away from me forever. When I think back that was one of my hardest things I had to do and deal with, with this whole thing, worse than the funeral worse than watching him get lowered into the ground.

Anyways back to positive thank you to all who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers!