Monday, August 30, 2010


Our first family picture (only and hour old)

Zander 3 days old

3 weeks old
4 weeks old
My dad just watching Zander sleep

After bath time

Nana & Papa with Zander

Auntie Vikki with Zander

First trip to Grandforks and swimming

First Air show (3months)

The way Zander slept at 4 months

It has been a long time since I have posted! Life just has been so wonderfully busy, being a mom is even better than I had ever imagined:) Zander has been such a content happy baby, we have been very blessed with that. He is now 6 and a half months and growing like a weed, he rolls all over the place, sits by himself, and just today started to give us hi fives when we ask him for one! such a smart little guy! He is growing so fast I can hardly remember him as a little baby!

I miss Noah like crazy still, every time Zander does something new or cute It is so bittersweet for me. because in the back of my mind I am so sad that I never got to see Noah do those things and it hurts so much. Sometimes when Zander is being super cute I actually start crying because I am so happy that the Lord has blessed me with a healthy baby!

This summer we (or I should say Hank) rebuilt our over 600 sq feet deck since our old one that came with the house was rotting through and we could hardly walk on it. After the deck was almost done we found a cheap used 16 foot pool that we bought for beside the deck, and Zander loves swimming in it!

My sister and her boyfriend got engaged this summer and I am going to be her maid of honor! so now that the dress is bought no getting pregnant before next year lol. This summer as well was my parents 25th anniversary and also my dads big 50th birthday! cant think of anything else to write about so I will just put up some pictures.