Thursday, February 12, 2009

Birth Story

Well, it has now been 2 months as of today. I can't believe that its been that long. I am feeling much better and I guess it is high time for me to post my birth story!

We went in on December 11/08 at 7 am to be induced. It took a while before contractions started it was around 3:15 pm that i could finally feel them! We watched 3 movies while we waited, Enchanted, rush hour, and the bucket list. My sister came to bring me some choc puffed wheat squares (she knows they are my fav). At around 7 my mom, dad and sister came to visit me and for that time Hank went to his shop, cause he needed to see how things were going. They stayed till about 8 by then my contractions were 1 min apart and they started to become painful. At 8:30 I asked if i could have something for the pain and they gave me an Epidural. I was so scared of the needle! it work really fast and felt nice. Until, both my legs went numb, but they said that it happened sometimes. they lay me down and after awhile i went to itch myself and i couldn't feel anything! I told them that and they took off the drip. I was frozen from my chin down and when they started taking my blood pressure and checking if i could feel anything i was starting to freak out because i knew that, that did not happen to everyone! My mouth got so dry so i wanted some water. At that time i found out that i couldn't swallow properly and choked on the water. I also started to feel very lightheaded and wanted to fall asleep but i was so scared I thought that i was going to die if i would close my eyes because i was also having a very hard time breathing. I think Hank was ready to laugh at me for overreacting! I can laugh about it now but it was really scary for me!

My Dr was about to go home but before he left he checked me once more and i was 9 cm already and just an hour and a half before i was only 3! I started to push at 12:00am and pushed for an hour when the Dr came in and told me that my cervix wasn't at 10 cm yet so they made me stop pushing for 1/2 hour. That was very hard! So at 1:30 They let me start pushing and I spent 2 hours trying to get his feet out! one of his feet was stuck inside and as soon as we would get 1 foot out he would actually push himself back in! I was getting a little frustrated at that point because that had been going on for 2 hours. Finally around 3:30 ish we got both feet out! At one point he was almost out but i started to give up because of pain and i guess my emotions, it took me awhile for me to be able to push again. I kept asking the Dr how many more pushes? and he just smiled ( I think he was probably thinking that if i would actually be pushing he could maybe tell me something!) I also wonder how many times they would have liked to laugh at me because also at one point when i was giving up I was apparently trying to climb out of the bed! I can only imagine! Another nurse had finally come in with a needle and they gave that to me. He said that would take the edge off my pain. I asked him when it would start working and he said with your next push, I pushed and then I told him that he was wrong! but with the last push Noah Gabriel Wall was born at 4:35am on December 12 he was 19 inches long, 7 14.5 oz, and i kept saying i did it i did it, and he said yes you did kiddo great job!

When I looked at Noah for the first time I was a little scared, I wasn't sure what to expect with his looks. But he was perfect! I was so Happy! I never really believed people when they said that the pain gone when they held the baby in your arms, but my pain was completely gone as soon as Noah was out! I asked Dr Menzies if Noah was alive and he said no he didn't make it... He came around to me and explained that Noah had kicked out his cord and died from that. When he said that i remember the nurse asking him "is that the cord?" and he said yes. That is also when they took the heart beat monitor off, i just didn't realize that that was why. Noah had a strong heart beat up until then so I am sure if he would not have kicked out his cord he would have been born alive! But God knew what was best for us! We have so much to be thankful for, we have had great love and support, great Dr's through the whole thing and Dr Menzies was such a blessing! I am so glad that he was out Dr He was so kind and compassionate through the whole thing!

My Parents had come to the hospital around 11:30 pm already cause i was so close and they wanted to see Noah alive so they stayed there to be closer! I feel really bad for them because apparently my door was not closed and they could hear me from there. (I was not screaming or anything) But I can't imagine what they were going through as well hearing their daughter in pain. A couple of times while i was pushing I had asked the Dr can't you just pull him out? and apparently my dad was ready to come pull him out already cause the Dr wasn't doing it! I can't imagine what hearing all that did to their emotions! My Sister was also there and her bf. I think that was very good birth control for them lol. My aunt and Uncle were also there they are like second parents to us and they have been super supportive and loving! They next hour brought Hanks family and my family all in our room surrounding us with love. I was so proud of my baby boy! I love him so much! Janet Haslam then came to do our pictures for us as well we are so thankful that she did that for us! She and Rob are amazing!