Monday, May 11, 2009


It has been such a long time since I have posted so I an starting off with February.

We had been debating on going on a trip somewhere after we had Noah just to get away, We were all over the place with Ideas we were thinking Alberta, Minneapolis and somewhere warm. We were trying to convince friends and family to come with us, and we had talked to a great couple friend of ours John and Tiff and they said sure lets go for it! So we planned and planned and then booked our vacation for Feb 24 to March 3 at the Riu Caribe in Cancun Mexico!
The View from our room (above and Below pics)

Also the view from our room

The Lobby

Our resort

We had booked our trip off of red and were wondering if everything was going to turn out well. Everything had worked out fine! We had an amazing time out there and it did wonders for us! I am so glad we actually did go and that our friends came with us so amazing! I am going to post a few pictures of our trip.

Our Room

Hank and John

Hank and I at a local Resturant
Tiffany & I

My Toes
Xel Ha!

Dressed up for a fun night

So that was our trip! We have been so blessed with friends and family and all there love, support and prayers! And with the wonderful Women I have met online and have gotten very close to, who are going through or have been through Meckel Gruber themselves. Thanks Everyone! And also if you could keep 2 of my friends in your prayers as well, One of them is pregnant again and is in the waiting game of finding out if there baby is healthy or not. Another friend Nicole, just found out a few weeks ago that there baby most likely has MGS as well.

Mothers Day was hard for me but we went to Winnipeg for the weekend and had lots of fun, so that helped out alot! Hank sent me flowers at work that were from him and Noah, and bought me a book series that I love! My parents and my sister bought me a white box that has pictures of Noah on the sides of it and flowers inside that can be used as a box for special things when I plant the flowers!

Also I have been back to work for a while now and It is a good thing, this way I have schedule again and not just sitting at home by myself.