Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our 4th ultrasound

Today we went to our fourth ultrasound! we were very excited to see Noah again! we got there and this time we only had to wait 5 min! we found out that instead of having very low fluid i now have none at all. Noah is still breech and she said that because there is no fluid that he would stay that way cause he won't be able to move that much. We got to see his face this time! I had asked her if everything looked normal on his face (because that is what i am most nervous about is what he will look like.) and she said every thing was fine! he had such a cute little face! it was still snuggled in the placenta so we couldn't see it to clearly but we saw it! As soon as i get the face pictures on cd i will post them!

Dr Reed came in again to take a look and answer some questions. I had to ask him some questions for my Dr about delivery and such. He was quite suprised that she had not contacted him yet cause he sent her all of his information along with info about MG. He asked us yet again if we were sure that we still wanted to be at boundry trails for the delivery. We told him that we would like to if it were possible, it looked like he wanted to say something but in the end he didn't. He also said that to induce me early would be very hard on me because it is my first pregnancy etc, so now it is sounding like they want me to go to full term. I still have mixed feelings about that!! He also said that Noah was in breech position but he was feet first instead of bum first which is really good for delivering (since that is how he is to be delivered.) And usually they are concerned about the head getting stuck but in our case the head is smaller so it shouldn't be a problem and also because of his big tummy it will pave the way for the head!

After we got our appointment for another 4 weeks and left, i started to wonder about delivering in winkler. Out here there are no specialists that have delt with this before so that is very scary for me! but on the other hand it is closer to home! I think that i am starting to lean towards having Noah in WPG because they have delivered babies like this before so they know excatly what to do! and if i can have Dr Reed as my Dr then i would feel very comfortable going out there! So we have a lot of thinking and praying to do about this and i find myself stessing about it. On a positive note just yesterday i think i felt Noah have the hiccups! i am not sure how that is supposed to feel but i have never had that feeling before it was soo neat! so i did research it and it sounds like that is what i felt! I love feeling all the movement!!!