Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Zander David Wall

We finally got to meet our little boy! Zander was born on Feb 7th at 11:10pm and weighed 8 lbs 3 oz, and was 21.5 inches long.

On Sunday morning at 3 am I thought that my water had broken. It wasn't a lot but it was noticeable, so I laid back down and then got back up about 10 min later and had it happen again. Then I knew for sure that it was my water, Hank was not very happy because we had only gone to bed around 2:30 am and he had a pretty bad headache! My contractions were not coming on so at 1:30 pm on Sunday they had to induce me. By 2:30 my contractions were pretty painful but I got through them until around 9:00 pm. By then they were in my back and very painful but I did not want the epidural again because it did not work out the best for me last time. They checked me at that point and I was only at 3 cm! ( I went in being 2.) I was very discouraged and they decided to let me try the morphine. Waist of time! all it did was make me a little light headed but did nothing for the contractions.

By 10:00 I was ready to try something else for pain. Dr Nause came in then and said That I could not have some of the pain meds because they could not mix with the morphine. She decided to check me again because of the way I described the pain of the contractions, and told me that I was almost 10 cm! That was really good for me to hear because I got focused again and told myself I could do it! ( I can't believe I went from 3 to 10 in an hour). They gave me the laughing gas to just take the edge off the contractions to get me through till pushing. With the next few contractions I could feel my body pushing and I was not doing it! I told her and she checked me again but told me to try not to push because My cervix was not quite ready and she did not want me to tear from the inside, but I told her that I could not help it that my body was doing it all on its own! And then I started to push with them!

She was able to slip the cervix over the babys head and told me that I could push that it was all good now. And 3 pushes later( about 10 min altogether) Zander David was born! I could not believe how fast that went since with Noah I pushed for 4.5 hours. I thought for sure that I had torn since he came out so fast but she told me that I did not tear at all! I was so thankful. They put him on my chest when he came out it was so wonderful! I kept saying I have a baby and he is alive! The most wonderful moment of my life! it was so neat because his eyes were open already and he was looking at me! Then he started to pee and it almost landed in my mouth! They stopped it just in time. Once they cleaned the room up I tried feeding and he latched on right away which I was happy for, glad that there was no problems with that.

After I was done feeding my family came in, another wonderful moment! and we talked a bit and passed him around. Hanks family then came in and Hank told him that we had named him Zander David after my dad, I think we surprised him with that one! Everyone didn't stay long since it was after 12 already. A big thanks everyone who prayed for our little miracle!!


Daughter of The KING said...

Congratulations, Hank & Jolene!!
Praise the Lord for your healthy son!
Praying God's blessing and peace for your "little" family.
~Betty Loewen

Verna said...

Zander is so precious and loved I cannot even put it into words! Thank you Jesus for blessing all of us with his life!

Wenona said...

Wow guys! I am so happy for you!! God definitely blessed you with a good labour and delivery (well, as good as labour and delivery can go!) and everything worked out perfectly for you.
Continuing to think of you as you adjust to life with a little one...

Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Congratulations on the safe arrival of Zander - Noah's precious little brother!
So pleased that everything went so smoothly. Wonderful news!
Enjoy every minute with your little man! x

Christine said...

CONGRATS!! So excited for you! Enjoy your little guy and the amazing blessing that he is!

Hilary said...

Congratulations!! :)